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Blyth Academy, Canada: “Our international students are offered a very unique experience”

With campuses designed to inspire students in Grades 5 to 12, Blyth Academy provides a unique opportunity for young

Student Management Group (SMG): “We are proud of our diversity of students!”

SMG is an international consulting and operational organization with headquarters in Long Island in New York. SMG

Why Education In Arts, Design And Creativity Is So Important?

  The need for education in arts and creative professions is growing fast! We often think about

Equality and Diversity in an Ethic Classroom

What are the definitions of equality and diversity that are useful in the context of an ethic classroom? This

Student Focus

Educators Checklist: Are You Communicating Clearly with International Students?

In our previous post we took a look at the 9 most common reasons why international students discard one university in favour of another when choosing where to study abroad. Today, we will take a slightly different perspective. We will show you the usual pattern students...
Posted On 20 Jun 2016

Market Focus

7 Reasons Why Mexican Students Choose to Learn English

English is the most commonly spoken language in the colourful Mexico, a Spanish-speaking country with a population of over 120 million! More than 350 000 people use English language within its borders. Nowadays, younger Mexicans are keen on obtaining higher levels of education...
Posted On 08 Jun 2018