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PON Projects 101: Accommodation, Culture, Food

PON scholarships are a very important opportunity for Italian secondary students. With generous EU funding and

Education Agent Fairs: Why do you have to attend them?

If you’re reading this article, most probably you still don’t see a point in attending education agent

5 Questions To Expect From Agents At One-to-One Meetings

If you attend international agent fairs, then you know that one-to-one meetings with agents are among the most

Opening the discussion about hiring agents: Do’s and Don’ts

Involving agents in the student recruitment process always starts as an idea. The tricky part is how this idea

Student Focus

Educators Checklist: Are You Communicating Clearly with International Students?

In our previous post we took a look at the 9 most common reasons why international students discard one university in favour of another when choosing where to study abroad. Today, we will take a slightly different perspective. We will show you the usual pattern students...
Posted On 20 Jun 2016

Market Focus

Poland – Evergrowing Demand for Overseas Studies

Poland is an extremely precious market for international educators. However, many institutions w0rldwide tend to underestimate it as a source of international students, neglecting the opportunities this Central European country reveals. Situated in the...
Posted On 23 Oct 2017