Do you know which are the three main study abroad funding programmes within Italian secondary education?  

Have you heard of PON, INPSIEME & ITACA? 

Watch the video to find out....

Would you like to expand your knowledge further? Are you ready to discover opportunities to attract Italian students to your school through these programmes? 

Learn this and more for free in our quick e-guide to PON, INPSIEME & ITACA:  

  • The PON language course and work placement funding scheme for student groups
  • The INPSieme Language Summer Programme
  • The ITACA Scholarship for up to a full year in a high school abroad

"PON opportunities are open to more than 3 million Italian students and 250,000 teachers and school staff. With the new Financial Framework 2014-2020, financial support for PON projects amounts to over 3 billion Euros.  

For the ongoing academic year, the two INPS study abroad funding schemes – ITACA and INPSIEME have granted 23,000+ scholarships to eligible Italian students."

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